From Florida but have lived coast to coast!
I was born in South Florida but have lived in Colorado, Las Vegas and now currently call Raleigh NC home! I started photography as a hobby & now call it my passion! I started in this industry as a company photography (basically shot product for multiple companies). I soon realized I hated everything I was producing which made my heart sad because I started this out of a passion! I had to re evaluate what I was doing & really seek the Lord in all of it! I prayed about what God wanted me to do in this season & he brought me back to couples! Which I thought was so funny because I HATED weddings why now??

I said okay and began my Wedding & Elopements journey in 2020! I was still working at my church and was part time for a year! finally decided in September 2021 to go full time & it was the best decision i’ve ever made! I love getting to travel the world & capture such important memories for such beautiful people! Iv’e had the opportunity to be featured in many magazines before stepping over to the wedding industry! Such as Cosmo, InStyle, Thought Catalog, Texas Lifestyle etc! As a Wedding & Elopement Photographer I’ve had the honor to also be featured in many magazines like Rocky mountain bride Utah & Wyoming edition!

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travel wedding & elopement photographer

my mission

to uniquely & creatively story-tell adventurous destination weddings & elopements for the carefree, outgoing couples through use of captivating cinematic imagery. 

my mission

to uniquely & creatively storytell adventurous destination elopements for the carefree, outgoing couples through use of captivating cinematic imagery.

the facts you need to know before hiring me...

My name is Annaliesse & I am a Travel Wedding & Elopement Photographer who offers both Digital & Film!
I am a beach bum AT HEART who ALSO enjoys the sunshine & a good nap every once and awhile! I am extremely passionate about my job & couldn’t imagine working anywhere else! I long to capture deep intimate connection between two beautiful people in love! To story-tell your love like something in the movies! I strive to move you every time you open your wedding gallery whether that’s 1 week after or 35 years after! I want it to be a book you can’t put down & a movie that makes you cry with tears of joy. Something this beautiful is meant to be seen by the world.


Why Choose me?

Being apart of your love story is a dream come true! I love getting to meet couples all over the world & capturing your hearts is so dear to me. I love getting to story tell your love in my art form!

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I dream outside of the box! I love getting to be creative with you on your big day! I want people to be scrolling through IG & have to stop at your wedding pictures because they are so moved! I love capturing authentic, candid, filmy moments!

The power of the LOVE!!! I also believe that the Lord moves in powerful ways which we can’t understand! I believe you two were destined for each other & I will be crying at your wedding!